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Google Voice Assistant for Android

Hey, guys, today i’ll share some information about Google Voice Assistant which works with voice search  .so let me tell you first what voice search is on android. Voice Assistant is a virtual personal assistant free of cost.the voice search on android developed by google and very helpful day-to-day life and it’s available for every… Read More »

Voice Assistants

Nowadays every person wants his work to be completed immediately without any hassle. This is the reason that you can consider Voice Assistants a great boon of technology. With the help of a Voice Assistants, you can easily complete many types of work.   Timer and alarm settings We do the work of setting the… Read More »

Top 10 YouTube Tricks and Secrets You Should Know

The World is hidden in YouTube If you want to watch and share the video then the first choice will be youtube. Google is constantly adding new features to improve this service. So let’s know about these special features that can make your viewing experience more useful on YouTube. Interesting on YouTube Search on ‘Use… Read More »

Oppo F3 full Phone Specificatons

Oppo F3 full detailed review, this smartphone just going to be the winner After the great success of the F1 Plus model, Oppo is back by launching Oppo F3 Plus. The Oppo F3 Plus has been a great smartphone, packed to the bottom with great features and also went huge with hardware to the mid… Read More »

Top 12 Online tools will make every task easy

Sometimes we find some work difficult, but with the right use of technology, you can easily accomplish hard work. There are many Online tools available on the internet which can make your life easier.  Soundation Studio Online Tools Soundation Studio offers tools and effects that come with professional music studio software. You can launch the… Read More »

9 Innovative Products That Will Make Life Easier

A lot of work is being done in the field of Consumer Technology Innovation. Companies are trying to bring useful products for users. Know about some Innovative Products who can be in your home in the future. DELL CANVAS Innovative Products Microsoft had displayed Surface Studio a few months ago. Now the Dell Company has… Read More »

Top 9 iPhone Apps that Can Make Life Easier

If you use an iPhone then these apps can make your life easier. Due to the app, your phone becomes powerful, a variety of apps are discussed for Android users, But it’s not often talked about the iPhone Apps. There are many apps for iPhone which can make life easier. So now let’s know about… Read More »

Top 5 Add-ons(Chrome Extension) for Gmail Secure Use

Keeping your email safe in today’s time has become a challenging task.Hackers have become full of the Internet world, which can steal your confidential information and do the wrong thing.If you want your email account to be completely secure from hackers, then you will have to get the help of some add-ons. Add-ons to secure… Read More »