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Best Video Players for Android You Can Use

Video Player
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Smartphones are going to be transformed into very advanced technology in upcoming years. Depending on that you are getting large high definition screen to play videos, watching movies etc. But sometimes problem arrived that the default Video Players for Android which comes with the mobile by default has limited features. So, sometimes it is not possible to start playing the various formats of videos in a single player.

Video Players for Android

Thus, we need to keep in hand another player for playing the different format of videos. But it is also irritating to keep more apps for playing videos on our phone. There are many Video Players for Android available like VLC player, MX Player and much more. So, here we are going to refer you some of the best Video Players for Android in which you can play all formats of videos using any one of the players.

All the Video Players for Android are easily available in our Google Play and easy to download in smartphones as they are totally free. Depending on that you can choose any one of the apps to get install on your phone. We also going to provide you the link on the title name of the video player app for instant download on your Android phone. So, let’s start to discuss the video player which we are going to recommend for the Android below.

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Best Video Players for Android List:

You have reached on the solution section from where you will get to know about the best video player for Android. Besides playing video, you can get various modes to play your video by using these players. No need to wait for more as we are listing the name with the description of the video player on the below points.

VLC for Android:

Video Players for Android

As most of the PC user must know about the VLC media player which is one of the best media players for your Android also. Thus, you can download this media player by directly click on the title link given here. This player offers you to play any format of video including mp3 files in it. Besides that, you can minimise this player and play the only audio from the video files in the back ground. It also provides the floating windows option that you can watch your video by doing other works from any of your screens.

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MX Player:

Video Player for Android

Another best Video Players for Android is MX Player for the Android Smartphones. It is available in two versions. The versions are normal MX Player APKand another is MX Player beta. Both players have the same feature and available in the Google Play easily. This is a very light player and it can easily run videos in good quality even in your low-end devices too. It also provides powerful hardware acceleration feature with subtitles too. Smoothly you can use this player to experience the best video ever on your Android smartphones.

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Initially, KMPlayer has been developed for playing videos on PC. But now the developer team has also developed this app for the Android smartphones also. This is an all-in-one player with available formats and codec inside it. Thus, you need not navigate between other players while playing any formats of videos in it. This is a totally free app with no ads and easily available in Google Play too. So, install this app and enjoy your video or movies easily.

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HD Video Player:

HD Video Player

From the title of this app, you can recognize that this is a high definition Video Players for Android. Like the other video player apps, this is also available for free in Google Play. You can easily make the video playback smoother by using this app. You can sort your videos according to alphabetical order or can use the folder view to find out your video files easily. Use this player by click on the link given in the name of this player above.

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Video Player:

Video Player

Video Player is another HD video player app for playing video in Android. When you will install this app on your phone it will optimize your video and thus play it in original format only. So, it will give you a better experience while playing video through this player. It also supports all the maximum formats of video without any issue. Get auto sleep timer, playback speed control, volume control, and multitrack audio and subtitles etc. You can definitely go for this player if you want the best Video Players for Android.


These all are not the end as there are many players available in the app market for your Android phone. But according to user need, we will recommend using any one of the best Video Players for Android from the above list to install on your phone. Do not install any of these players from the third party non-recommend sites as they can bring viruses and bugs in your phone. So, try to install them from the Google Play or you can directly click on the title name to download them very quickly.

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