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Top 7 Smart Tips to Buy New Smartphone

Written by bheru lal gaderi

Now you can buy the best smartphones on the market for very little money. But still, you should take care of certain distributions before buying a smartphone. Let’s know about smart tips for buying smartphones –




Selection of brand is important because it will play an important role in deciding whether your handset will get better service. Big brands, that means providing better services and more reach to customers and Good Customer Support Service and will keep your phone system updated in the future.

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Budget smartphone – Keep your expectations down


Most budget smartphone users think that low-end smartphones are less powerful than the high-end smartphones. This increases expectations for your smartphone. With this, you start complaining about the performance of the phone. These are called budget phones for any particular reason. In this, you have to compromise on some features such as screen resolution, processor type, and speed, RAM camera quality, build quality and battery life.

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Take care of the battery


These days the phones come with removable and non-removable batteries. A smartphone that uses non-removable batteries is slicker. If there is a non-removable battery, the back cover is more secure and the fear of getting water in the phone is also reduced. Some users consider removable batteries as beneficial because they prefer to keep extra batteries. But good power bank is also available for users in the market.

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Consider the reduction of features


In order to make the smartphone cheaper, the company cuts the features, which are not seen by ordinary users while buying a phone. When you buy a 4 GB internal memory phone, you get only 2 GB of memory for use, while you keep 4 GB in mind and buy the phone. In the 4.7-inch screen, you get 800×480 pixel resolutions. The device will not have Wi-Fi Direct, NFC or the new Bluetooth 4.0 in the connectivity. Before paying for the phone, all features should be checked thoroughly. For example, if you want to take a lot of photos then there may be trouble if the camera does not have auto focus features.

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Focus on hardware


When you buy a phone, the phone’s hardware should be checked thoroughly. By staying confident of entry level hardware, you will not be able to make the best use of the smartphone. You should also look at the processor. You should also look at the processor. Octartcore is now easily available in smartphones. RAM should also be more and more. Also, keep in mind the available storage. Expandable storage is always good. In addition, you should fully consider the other specifications of the smartphone such as the display, size, and resolution, connectivity option, battery capacity etc. It should be fully thought about, what features are required for you, what you need, and then you should buy a new smartphone.

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How much will support after buying


Most smartphones come with one year warranty. If there is no service center near your home or office, so no use of this warranty to you. First of all, go to the company’s website and check the service center location. You should go to different forms to find out the correctness of the company’s customer support service. Most companies are struggling with the problem of lack of spare parts of smartphones. So be careful.

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View Software Interface


Many phones exist in the market. There are more smartphones running on Android, but Windows Phone and Blackberry Devices will also be available. Before deciding to buy smartphones, Operating system version should be checked. The iOS 11 release for the Windows Phone and Android O version for the Android smartphones in the market recently. Avoid buying a device that is running on older operating systems (Android and iOS). And with no clearance about OS updates. Keep in mind that different operating systems require different hardware. The latest version of Windows Phone requires less processor speed and fewer RAM than the latest Android smartphone. When buying a smartphone, check out how many third-party apps are pre-installed in the device. Find out whether you can remove these pre-installed apps when needed because they affect the performance of the phone.

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If you buy(Register to Buy your Jio Phone Online) the new smartphone by keeping the above things in mind, then your needs will be satisfied and your money will be used properly.



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