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Over the years, the question has arisen that Indian films have nothing behind the level of Hollywood films. But now SS Rajamoula has proved to be a great movie like “Bahubali” and proved that our films can be “Larger than Life” On what scale they have created “Bahubali: the Conclusion” after “Bahubali: The Beginning”, it is very adventurous. After the first part, Cinema lovers across the country were upset about a question that why Katappa killed Bahubali.


Screenplay – Direction

S.S. Raja Mauli


Epic Historical Fiction


  1. Vijayan

Dialog – Lyrics

Manoj Munshir


M.M. Karim

Diarter of Photography

Ke Senthil kumar

Editor Of photography

Venkateshwara Rao

Running time

167.30 minutes


Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Satyraj, Ramayana Krishnan, Nasar, Tamanna Bhatia, Subba Raju.

The story starts from where ‘Bahubali’ was finished. The story runs in the flashback and the time is shown when Amrendar Bahubali’s coronation is about to happen. But this thing is being blown to Bhallaldev (Rana). Here, Rajmata Shivgami (Ramayana Krishnan) orders Bahubali to visit his state. To understand the happiness and misery of the people of the country. During the visit of the country, Bahubali is seen on the princess Devsena of Kuntal State, Bahubali gets fascinated by seeing her and starts to love her. Here treachery and deception are playing in Mahishmati. The story of love, commitment, conspiracies, loyalty, power, anger, revenge, murder, war, reaches Climax in an interesting way.


Prabhas has done a lot of work on physical formation. His acting, gesture and action are all awesome. Rana Daggubati seems to give them a tough fight. Anushka’s acting is wonderful. They have done good action scenes. Serious Katappa means Satyaj has shown his comic side too, In which he has seen good. Ramayana and Nasir are also the film’s life. Tamna shows only the glance.


The kind of screenplay Rajamoula wrote on Prasad’s written fiction story makes it real life. Screenplay and direction are so much tight that the focus does not remove from the screen. Set designing and filming is amazing, in every seen, somebody mesmerizes. The dialogue is energetic, which is applauded, song and music and background score according to the movie mood.

See why

“Bahubali” is not just a movie, but it is a chapter of modern cinema that not only entertains the audience, but also inspires other film makers. Strong storyline, interesting screenplay, perfect direction, high performance, high octane action and war sequence, “Bahubali” adorned with spectacular set designing are a new beginning of Indian cinema, Which further strengthen the position of Indian cinema on the world screen. It is a mile stone for Indian cinema, whose foundation is laid by Rajmoli and his team. If some minor deficiencies are ignored, then this is the perfect money-charged movie, Which everyone should see.


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