Top 6 Free AR Experience on iPad

Top 6 Free AR Experience on iPad
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Augmented Reality (AR) applicatiAugmentedxisted for a long time, but the land of probability is still being searched. With a big screen, faster processor and Apple’s AR insect framework, the new iPad gets a good experience of AR.

Vuforiya Chalk

Top 6 Free AR Experience on iPad

This app is an example of how VR can solve problems. At times it may happen that you get help related to the issue till the normal call on the phone. The problem is that nobody on the phone can understand why a button is taped. The app opens guided private chat between you and the front. Both cameras can activate those views that I can doodle with the help of a virtual chalk.

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World Brush

Top 6 Free AR Experience on iPad

Many useful messages are written on the walls in public places. How good would it be if the horoscope was only in the virtual world and it came from the AR app? Open the Worldbrush app, hold and start drawing in the virtual space. Do this on any outdoor and your art will be geo-locked. This means that almost the GPS location will be charged. Any other World brush user can come and open the app and see what kind of drawing you have done. Another similar type of GPS is made for GPS positioning. Its name is – 3D brush argued reality.

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Top 6 Free AR Experience on iPad

3D people and animals can keep Holo from the real surroundings. Some hologos like spider-man, zombie, tiger, celebrities, Bollywood dancers etc. can be downloaded for free. Developers and Holoz are also adding. Holozs are dynametic, that is, they are not stable, rather they are eccentric and rotating incarnations. When the flat surface scans, you can rotate it and make it bigger according to the real world.

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GeoGebra AR

Top 6 Free AR Experience on iPad

Learning in the world of AR is fun and if a complex subject like mathematics is presented visually in the real world, the concept can be clearer. Geo Zebra keeps the Math object in your world so that it can explore them from different angles. By placing a solid object in your view and performing a little exercise, you can get the pyramid, prism and knowledge about it.

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WWF Free Rivers

Top 6 Free AR Experience on iPad

Imagine you are looking at the complete Living Landscape on the table. You can zoom in, look around, find out how important the rivers flowing in the end. Some floating tips can learn about the journey of water. Know what the water a flow through which is what benefits them. You can also find information about how the flow of water affects people. It is known how dam construction affects the ecological system.

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Air Measure

Top 6 Free AR Experience on iPad

Tape Major, now it’s been a matter of the past. Now you have AR for help. Now you can take measurements of things with enough acreage. You can find the height of a person, the diameter of the circular table, the length of the sofa and even the height of a building. The air maker gives you a point and shoots ruler.

Tap to start and move the device with the plane you want to measure. Not only this, you can prepare a floor plan with the help of this. You can project level line. You can know the distance from the wall located away. We can set up virtual furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, desks, shelves, etc. in your room.  After this, you can roam the room and see things from different angles to see how they look. Air Major can help in measuring things through app AR.

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