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Android tips and tricks everyone should know

Android tips and tricks
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Hello, Guys. As you know, you can do a lot with an Android smartphone. It has the ability to customize your phone to your personal taste which is always a bonus over other mobile operating platforms out there. I want to help you get settled in and familiar with your smartphone or tablet as quickly as possible, and what better way than to pass along the ten best Android tips and tricks.

Android tips and tricks

The main point to note here is that your screen may not look like the screens you see below. Android composed of different types which often look and act differently. But it’s OK! Pictures will clear your concepts pretty much good and still if you have doubts then please comment below. We will sort it out as soon as possible. Besides being generally awesome, Android users are generally the pretty crafty bunch of folks ;). so let’s know about some Android tips and tricks

Have some Widgets and Organize on your Home Screen

Android tips and tricks

Widgets are an easy to way to put information in the center and front on your phone. On most of the phones, you can add a widget by going to the app launcher and then swipe over to the widgets section. Some phones will let you add widgets by holding your finger down on a blank part of the home screen.

Once you’ve got a solid collection, try to Arrange them in a logical way. For example, my screen has just the Dictionary, favorite apps and a fast way to reach my son (more on that next). Then I have one screen for quick actions like making notes, navigation shortcuts, bookmarks, one for news and information and another for phone settings. Have a look at following image:

Use awesome Gesture Keyboard

Android tips and tricks

On Android, you are not bound to the keyboard that comes with the phone. If you aren’t using a gesture keyboard, like SwiftKey Flow or Swype, you’re missing out.

You’ve got a few options for gesture typing on Android. It’s enforceable that your smartphone may have a gesture keyboard included, but the quality of all these versions can vary. Your best options are to SwiftKey ($4, or free trial) and enable Flow after installation, or buy Swype ($1, or free trial). Both apps will get you through to all processes when you open them for the first time.

Using Maps Offline

Android tips and tricks

Internet connections generally fail. Mobile networks also get congested. But you don’t want that to happen when you’re relying on a GPS navigation for directions. Go inside Maps on your phone, hit the menu button, and select option “Make available offline.” Zoom to select the map area which you want to download, finally press “Done.” You should store a map for where you are living, and store some more places before you travel. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you’ll be able to see GPS location marker in Google Maps, so this Android tips and tricks is especially helpful in navigating a foreign country without internet.

Connect to a PC for Fast Photo Transfers

Android tips and tricks

One nice thing about Android OS is that you are not locked into a program like iTunes for moving files off and on in phone. On the downside, transferring photos or other files just requires a little more know-how.

After plugging your phone into a PC’s USB port, search for it in your computer’s file browser. You’ll possible see a folder known as “Internal Storage.” Click on it, then search for the folder known as “DCIM.” You’ll notice all of your photos in here, presumptively in another folder known as “Camera” or one thing similar. Mac users, note that you’ll want further automation File Transfer software system to form this work.

Alternatively, when you plugging in the phone, look for notification in your phone which says you’re connected by USB. Tap on this notification, and select the option to connect as Camera (or PTP). This is a good option for Mac users who just want to get to their photos, rather than the entire Android file system.

Backing Photos Automatically

Android tips and tricks

Android offers new ways to automatically save your photos online, and even ensuring that you’ll still have a copy even if you lose your phone. The easiest way to do it is through Google+ (It won’t share your photos to the public unless you decide to do so later) Open the app, go inside Settings and then tap “Instant Upload.” Flip the switch to the top of the screen and then adjust the settings below. Setting the storage size to the Standard limit will allow unlimited uploads. You would also want to only allow uploads while connected to Wi-Fi and only when the phone is plugged in.

If you’d rather not use Google+ the tryout SugarSync and Dropbox can automatically back up your photos though with limited storage.

Finding any file in phone

Android tips and tricks

If you’re looking for a file, such as any screenshot or pic, you’ll be able to find it in the root directory of your Android device. To find the folders and files, head on to the Files apps. If you don’t happen to have an application installed, you can install one for free, like ES File Explorer.

Get Text Notifications on Your PC from mobile

Android tips and tricks

On Android, several third-party apps will allow you to read and respond to text messages from your computer or tablet, using your existing phone number. I saw many on the net but my favorite is Push Notification. Just install the app on your phone and then follow normal instructions. Finally, you just have to log in with Gmail account and boom !! You got notifications.

Make your alarm to grow louder and louder (Android)

Here’s a tip for the Android Clock app: go into the menu from the main alarms page then find the option that says Gradually increase volume. It gives you that extra reason to get out of bed.

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Speed up your Android phone through developer options

Android tips and tricks

The name might scare you, as you can change a lot of settings in your Android’s developer settings, however, there are three options in here which will help to speed up your phone, at least its performance will increase.

Go to Settings > General > About phone > Software information > Build number. Now tap on to the ‘Build Number’ five times and you will see the message ‘You are now a developer!’ Now you can even learn some good Android Tutorials and develop an App.

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Battery Control in Android

Android tips and tricks

Every automaton phone includes a battery monitor, whereby you will have the flexibility to manage the consumption or power saving modes.

You’ll find your device’s battery settings within the Settings of your phone. Once in, you can tap on the consumption tab to reveal more details on what’s consuming your device’s battery and set power saver modes.

This small Android tips and tricks will enable you to monitor what is sucking all that Android battery.

I hope these Android tips and tricks helped you. Let us know if we should cover any other Android tips and tricks. Thanks for reading.

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