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Top 6 Android Smartphone Problems with Solutions

Android Smartphone Problems
Written by bheru lal gaderi

Nowadays, most Smartphone runs on the Android operating system. But Android is not even perfect OS, There are problems with some Smartphone brands. If you want, you can easily overcome Android Smartphone Problems.

Android Smartphone Problems

Now every Android Smartphone Problems will be overcome

With the help of Android Smartphone, many of your work is easy, but these phones also have many kinds of problems, They need to be sorted out in time, otherwise the problem can increase, know some special ways.

Not connected to PC

Android Smartphone Problems

Most of us face this Android Smartphone Problems. Many times you connect your phone to PC via cable and try to transfer data. But your phone is not visible on the PC as an external drive. If this happens frequently with you, then you can get help from the free “Android” app. With the help of this, you will be able to connect your phone to the Wi-Fi. This way you can transfer data, you can manage apps, Can see the notification and can respond to calls and messages, In addition, you can mirror your Smartphone on your PC with the help of airdrides.

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Image gallery slow loading

Android Smartphone Problems

Most of us users click on a lot of photos and videos and do not delete duplicate and useless images. The result is that the default image gallery is slower; this will take the time to load the thumbnail and full-size image. This Android Smartphone Problems solution is that install “QuickPicgallery” app. It shows you the image as a grid list or a thumbnail. It’s Integrated with Claude Services. Its Wi-Fi transfer features can be used to transfer multiple photos to nearby devices. “Gallery Doctor” app scans the device and removes any unwanted and duplicate media.

Less internal storage

Android Smartphone Problems

Less internal storage is a common Android Smartphone Problems. For the right performance, Android phones should have some amount of internal storage. If you have an Android phone that accepts the SD card, you can transfer data from the internal storage to the micro SD card. you can use a free app like “App2SD” and move apps to micro SD card. If you have a device with non-expandable storage, you can freeze or uninstall the useless apps with the help of this app.

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Slow Smartphone

Android Smartphone Problems

After using the Smartphone for a few weeks most users have a heap of apps and multimedia. Most of these apps continue to be in the background. With this, the resource is consumed and the phone slows down. To deal with this, now preloaded cleaner apps are coming on the phones. If the phone does not have this app then you can download the clean master app for this kind of function. Run this app manually when you feel your Smartphone go slow down. If you want an automatic option for the scan your Smartphone than installing “free Swift Locker” App and solve this Android Smartphone Problems.

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Battery Power Loss

Android Smartphone Problems

Most of the user faces these Android Smartphone Problems that there Smartphone battery power is losing suddenly. And many important works remains incomplete. The phone battery can end suddenly due to several reasons. It can be due to reasons such as background apps, weak connectivity, widgets, screen brightness etc. Most phones come with battery optimization modes. But not all users can use them. This makes the phone’s performance and functionality limited. Instead, you can download apps like DU Battery Saver App or Battery Doctor App. These apps can do Smart charging and intelligent battery optimization.

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Disappearance of storage

Android Smartphone Problems

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After a few weeks of using the Smartphone, the phone’s storage gets over. However, your phone does not have large files. Or so, many types of files get tangled in storage. There are also some gastric system files. Some can delete free and free space. And the solution to this Android Smartphone Problems in a good way is installing this free “Disk Usage” Apps. It scans your device and displays visual block-based folder structure. You can navigate the structure by swapping. You can zoom a small folder, you can use the third party files manager to delete files.

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