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9 Innovative Products That Will Make Life Easier

Innovative Products
Written by bheru lal gaderi

A lot of work is being done in the field of Consumer Technology Innovation. Companies are trying to bring useful products for users. Know about some Innovative Products who can be in your home in the future.

DELL CANVAS Innovative Products

Innovative Products

Image Credit Slash gear

Microsoft had displayed Surface Studio a few months ago. Now the Dell Company has brought its version. Dell Canvas is a 27-inch touch screen. There are ‘2K’ resolutions, for drawing and creation. Its purpose is not to replace the screen, but it is horizontal in front of you. You can lift it at a fixed angle. These accessories come with Totem that works like Microsoft Surface. It can control additional menus in Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft apps.

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Innovative Products

Lego’s new Boost program can prove to be the first step in children’s smart programmable toys as Innovative Products. Boost kit comes with many motors and sensors. It has 840 lego pieces, with the help of which you can prepare one of the five supported models. A Companion Smartphone app has all the directions that connect with the help of Bluetooth. It teaches your children what kind of programs can be done to do anything to Toy using simple drag and drop module.

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Faraday Future FF91

Innovative Products

Image Credit Forbes

Today is the era of electric cars. Due to changes in technology, every company is focusing on the development of electric cars. Faraday Future FF9 1 is a crossover car. This can catch the speed of zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.39 seconds. It is being called the world’s fastest electric car. It has a glass roof and 22-inch wheel. a 130-kilowatt battery which can cover 608 kilometers at a single charge so how the world sees these Innovative Products.

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Innovative Products

It is a camera based companion system for the visually impaired people. The user wears smart glasses, which has a built-in resume camera. Image wirelessly transmitted to a certified agent. This agent can see the user’s area in real time. The agent can guide the users. And can read the signboard. The agent can also provide the necessary help to catch the stuff. He can see the user’s location on Google Map and can help navigate.

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Innovative Products

Image Credit Newatlas

This company is known for cars, but it has come with a wearable suit Innovative Products, which can help disabled people walk. Wearing this suit can lead to any disability and can climb up to it. The user has to use a cane to walk, walk or climb to move. There are buttons in the cane, which prepare the suit for taking the step. Its maximum speed is 2.5 kilometers per hour. Once its battery is charged, it can be used up to four hours.


Innovative Products

Image Credit Lenovo

Lenovo has entered the Smart Home Segment with the announcement of the new Home Assistant Speaker. This is Amazon Alexa Powered. These speakers not only serve as a voice assistant but can control the smart device of any brand with the help of voice. Lenovo is offering eight microphones. There are noise and echo cancellation facility for clear voice recognition. It can be taken as Standard Edition or Hormone Cordon Edition. For Hormone Cardon Edition music playback, offers better sound quality. In 2017, voice assistant’s speakers of other brands will also be competitive Innovative Products.

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Innovative Products

Image Credit Amazon

Touch screen laptops are quite expensive compared to mainstream models. You can also be a user who has not yet purchased a touch screen laptop after the launch of the friendly Windows 10. In this case, you can buy AIRBAR. This is a special sensor. It can fit into any laptop. This brings touch function to your laptop and it starts to support Jasper. It works brilliantly with both Windows and Mac.

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Innovative Products

Image Credit ZenFone

Although Lenovo is first credited with launching a smartphone with Project Tango, but Asus has gone a step further with the company Genfone AR. this is the world’s first phone to sports Google’s Day Dream VR and Project Tango AR. It is also the first Android phone that gives 8 GB ram. it has Snap Snapdragon 821 processor, 256GB Expandable storage, and 3300MH battery. It has a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display that is great for AR and VR apps.

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Innovative Products

Image Credit Energous

The name of Energies is famous for wireless power. Now the company Long Range has come with wireless charging. The company is planning to make power devices with the help of RF with multiple devices placed at some distance with the help of its upcoming product. This means that you will not need to keep the devices at the top of the charging mate for charging. In 2017 this will be very important for wireless charging Innovative Products.

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