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8 most hidden Features for Android

8 most hidden Features for Android
Written by bheru lal gaderi

In today’s era, most users are using Android phones. The most important feature of this operating system is that you can put it according to your convenience. The Android operating system is quite useful and makes work easier, but do you know that there are special hidden features in Android, there are features that will not be seen in iOS Devices.

Listen to notifications

8 most hidden Features for Android

Reading text message, answering, or emailing while driving is not a good habit. But sometimes there are situations that can not miss the mail or the message. Many times you are driving and it is important to check mail or message. In this situation, third party app shouters, read it to me, speak me, etc. can get notifications from the app.

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How many apps are in the phone      

8 most hidden Features for Android   

works on the Android Gmail account, if you have to know which apps have downloaded from your Google ID so far then tap on the 3 lines made out of Google Search in the Play Store so that Apps and My app section will be seen in the games, you can type it on to see the list of applications.

Apps brought to the notification panel

8 most hidden Features for Android

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If you’ve used the entire Home screen, there are still usable apps left if you have the option to play in the notification panel. For this you can use Bar Launcher, Notification Toggle, Power Toggle, 1 Tape Quick Bar etc. These apps can customize the notification panel to apps and settings with shortcuts very well.

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Check hardware

8 most hidden Features for Android

If you want to know if the hardware of the Android smartphone is working properly  So you can install the phone tester app from the Play Store. It provides complete information about the hardware of the smartphone. This free app gives detailed information of the phone’s sensor activity, battery temperature and camera in real time.

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Privacy in Notification

8 most hidden Features for Android

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No person wants to see someone else’s Whats App, or Facebook’s notifications. For this, go to Sound & Notification in Settings menu. Then tap on the notification and tap on ‘When Device is Unlocked’. You can display or hide sensitive content in the notifications here.

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Phone Unlock to Trusted Locations

8 most hidden Features for Android

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Keeping the lock pattern or pass-code in the phone is a necessary feature. Every time there is a problem of checking the notification by entering 4 digit password unlock pattern on the familiar places. Now you can use Smart lock in an Android device This feature is present in the version of Android 5.0 or above. It eliminates the need for a pin or pass-code at trusted places. You do not have to enter a password/pin at home or work place.

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Zoom to any screen

8 most hidden Features for Android


You can allow large text on the display through the ‘upper text’ option in Android phone settings. This can only increase the text size of the phone and stock apps. If you want to make the text larger than the text app’s text, then you have to go to settings. There will be ‘Magnification Gestures’ on the spot. It can temporarily enlarge any thing on the screen, there is no need for a third-party app nor need to zoom to a screenshot.

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Retrieve Delete Notifications

8 most hidden Features for Android


Notifications also delete useful notifications in the rotation of the notification panel to delete the notification. Follow these apps to avoid this: Tap long on the home screen of Android phone and tap on widgets. Search settings shortcut visit and place on home screen by swapping left and more. The settings will open the shortcut menu. Select the notification log from it. If you tap on this, the notification log shortcut will come to the home screen. Check by tapping on the notification history.

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