XOLO Era X Black 8 GB Full Phone Specification

XOLO Era X Black 8 GB Full Phone SpecificationAre you looking for a phone that gives you awesome experience of a smartphone at a really low price? Then XOLO Era X is a must have for you. Available in black color, XOLO Era X comes well equipped with 2GB DDR3 RAM and 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor for a power packed performance. The 8GB... Read More »

XOLO ERA 1X -4G with VoLTE Full Phone Specification

XOLO ERA 1X -4G with VoLTE Full Phone SpecificationTake your photography skills to the next level with this Xolo Era 1X smartphone. Equipped with a smart camera and a super fast processor, this phone will ensure you stay up-to-date. Price on Falipkart – Rs. 4,999 Buy Link From Falipkart :-  http://fkrt.it/Bgm9suuuuN   Key Features of XOLO ERA 1X -4G with VoLTE (Black and Gun Metal,... Read More »

LYF Water 1 Black 16 GB Full Phone Specification

LYF Water 1 Black 16 GB Full Phone SpecificationThe sleekness of LYF Water 1 phone’s design is complemented by its many functional features – it has a spacious memory space, good-quality camera, a long-lasting battery, and a performance-oriented processor. In other words, this is a reliable everyday use smart phone. Price on Flipkart  Rs- 11,499 Buy Link :-  http://fkrt.it/0J3gfNNNNN Price on Amazon :- Rs.... Read More »

9 Apps that will change the Luck of your wallet

9 Apps that will change the Luck of your walletNowadays so many apps is available in Android world for every job. In addition there is many to manage and protect your money is in your wallet on a personal finance app that can change the fortunes. WALLY Apps This apps is easy to tracking expenses. You do not need to take tension over the... Read More »

Apple iPhone 7 Black 32 GB Full Phone Specification

Apple iPhone 7 Black 32 GB Full Phone SpecificationTake your iPhone share to the next steady with Apple iPhone 7. Featuring recent camera systems, a emend battery-life, an efficient central processing unit and strong stereo speakers, this smartphone will drastically aggravate your iPhone undergo. With a harsh and resonant display, and a sleek moiré-resisting body, this smartphone is as energetic as it is attractive.... Read More »

Fenugreek Advanced Technology of Production

Fenugreek Advanced Technology of ProductionFenugreek is cultivated all over India. Only the leaves are used in the vegetable. Its seeds are used as a spice. Fenugreek protein – along with Vitamin C is found in plenty. In India use of fenugreek is used as vegetable and spice, its leaves and tender beans are used as vegetables. Dried fenugreek seeds... Read More »

Sulfur Importance and use in crops

Sulfur Importance and use in cropsFarmers mostly in agriculture d. A. P., Urea, potash and including sometimes Mop use of sulfur in the soil nutrition are essential elements in the fourth, Consequently there has been a widespread lack of this element in soils are, Testing of soil samples in various districts of Rajasthan 20 to 40% reduction of this element... Read More »

Water Management System in Rabi crops

Water Management System in Rabi cropsWater management is essential for the crop at the right time in the right quantity and the right way to water. No need to water as needed and at the appropriate time on the water than on the land’s physical condition worsens and produces low returns. The importance and availability of Water Water, Sea World... Read More »

Career in Indian Agriculture field

Career in Indian Agriculture field(India provides an agricultural country with the world’s largest agricultural research system in our country, about 50 agricultural universities and agricultural colleges and institutions have a large network of science centers 23% of the entire economy of the country, agriculture sector has tremendous potential to make a career in it DGP) Job prospects in agriculture... Read More »

Integrated Disease Management in Rabi crops

Integrated Disease Management in Rabi cropsRabi crops Plant protection measures Pesticides the recommended amounts and affordable is not bad but we never used it, the simple, straightforward, the only way to become dependent on society and began to use a swipe. This sustained reduction in the number of parasites and predators are Not only is the continued reduction in the... Read More »